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ETTAA is a five-year observational study organised and run by Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and funded by the National Institute for Health Research’s Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Programme.

Chief Investigator: Mr Stephen Large
Trial Coordinating Centre & sponsor: Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
NIHR portfolio no: 15992
Ethics no: 13/WM/0507
Start date: February 2014
End date: June 2019
Grant awarded: £1.6million
Funder: The Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Programme
HTA reference: 11/147/03
Target accrual: 1100 patients
Design: A prospective cohort

Eligibility criteria:

The ETTAA study is now closed to recruitment. Please take a look at our local contact information section to find out which centres around the country are taking part in the study. If you have further questions please contact the ETTAA study coordinator directly.

Patients were eligible to partake in the ETTAA study if:

  • They were over 18 years old
  • Thay had a Chronic Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm (CTAA) larger than or equal to 4cm on the arch or descending aorta
  • They were able to give informed consent

Patients were unable to take part in the ETTAA study if:

  • Intervention was required below the level of the coeliac axis
  • They had acute dissection or malperfusion syndromes (such as myocardial infarction, acute stroke or limb ischaemia)

Nicky Watson, Trial Coordinator/Data Manager                                                                              Tel 01480 364980 or 01223 639684                                                                                                  Email

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