What will you do with my data?

Thank you for being part of the ETTAA Trial

It is important that as a participant you understand:

  • What data we hold about you and where it comes from
  • We store that data securely and only share it anonymously with approved researchers (none of whom would be able to identify you from the data)
  • We only collect data that is important to our research and helps us address our aims
  • How we access data is governed by strict guidance – part of which is to make sure you are aware of your right to withdraw from the research at any time
  • That all of our research is ethically approved

As a participant you will have given us your consent before taking part in our study and providing information (e.g. completed a questionnaire). You will have been provided with a Patient Information Sheet specific to your consent form at the time of recruitment.   

Should you at any time have any questions about the study, or wish to view any of the information or documents in relation to your own recruitment/agreement to take part, please contact your recruiting hospital.

Further information on how we handle your data can be downloaded here:


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